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The Shadow of a Great Rock

Reading the King James Bible with Harold Bloom

Read an excerpt from The Shadow of a Great Rock The recent furor over a newly discovered Coptic text in which Jesus appears to refer to his own wife has put the Bible and Biblical interpretation back in the news. Scholars, skeptics, and believers are weighing on how to understand this and the Biblical account of […]

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The Art of Robert Frost

The Art of Robert Frost

Robert Frost holds a coveted position in the category of Poets that (Almost) Everyone Knows. Many first recited “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” in grade school. Its use of chain rhyme and simple imagery provide a nice introduction to poetry, even for the youngest readers. And really, no one is morally opposed to […]

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June Yale Art Books Logo

June Theme: Summer Reading

Whether you’re traveling far and wide or relaxing in your favorite patio chair this summer, no one can deny that extra leisure time is wonderfully filled with books. Here at Yale University Press, we’re boasting an exciting year of literary studies, including Bernard Avishai’s Promiscuous, a biography of Philip Roth’s notorious 1969 novel, Portnoy’s Complaint, […]

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The Event of Literature

A True Literary Event: Terry Eagleton on Literature

For Terry Eagleton, writing is “exploratory.” “The act of writing is both a great delight to me in itself,” he explained in a recent interview on London’s Yale Books Blog, but it “also is constitutive of my thought.” As the author of more than forty books, which span the fields of literary theory, politics, and […]

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Message and the Book

Religious Texts in Our Everyday

Open any form of news media and there are sacred texts everywhere. Republican frontrunners quote Bible verses, pundits debate the role of the Quran in Middle Eastern politics, and in the arts and entertainment section, one book always hovers over the Harry Potters and John Grishams as the number one bestseller of all time even […]

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There’s Always Time for Gertrude Stein

“Who’s afraid of Gertrude Stein?” Lynne Tillman asked in The New York Times Book Review in January. With two new Yale University Press editions of the author’s work, rich in context and analysis to complement Stein’s text, we need not be, for, working from the expansive archive of Stein’s writing at the Beinecke Rare Book […]

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Rome and Rhetoric

Garry Wills on the Ides of March, Rhetorically Speaking

The Ides of March, George Clooney’s latest directorial turn, stars Ryan Gosling as a campaign manager in a hotly contested Democratic primary that evokes both recent and ancient history. The film, adapted from a 2008 play by the name of Farragut North, plays on memories of the past two presidential elections, mingling Obama-style rhetoric with […]

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The Shadow of a Great Rock

Harold Bloom’s Brave Appreciation of the King James Bible

There is no doubt that Harold Bloom is a brave man. Indeed, only a brave man can acknowledge in his most recent book that “disputes concerning the Bible have been murderous,” and then declare in an interview for the San Francisco Chronicle published a few months later that, “There is no God but God, and […]

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The Anthology of Rap

Adam Bradley Asks: Is Rap Poetry? Is It Good Poetry?

Adam Bradley— Last fall saw the publication of The Anthology of Rap, a collection that I co-edited with Andrew DuBois. The book gathers nearly 300 lyrics by dozens of artists from across rap’s four decades. Our purpose was to highlight rap’s development as a literary art form by underscoring the poetics of its song lyrics. […]

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Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age

Too Much to Know

Google “information,” and you will be presented with over 10 billion results. Try another search engine, or the catalogue of your local library, or the front page of a major news site, and you will be even more spoiled for choice. Yet while there is no denying that our current state of information overload is […]

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