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Every Twelve Seconds

Lest We Forget: Killing by the Numbers

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Sarah Underwood— Sometimes, the forgetting of history is accidental and gradual—a lost document, a mistranslation, or the unfortunate lack of a written record in the first place. On other occasions, events do not have to pass into history before they are forgotten. Those are the ones that are concealed from the start and […]

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Notes from the Ground: Science, Soil, & Society in the American Countryside

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Studying The Ground, and Ourselves

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Michelle Stein—   Notes from the Ground: Science, Soil & Society in the American Countryside, by Benjamin R. Cohen is primarily the story of the merger of agriculture and science in early America, and all the attendant debates and developments in agricultural life. But in the spirit of the season of back to […]

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American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land

Contradictions in Love of Land: American Georgics

Follow @yaleSCIbooks No matter where you are in the U.S. this summer, you have probably felt the effects of the record-setting heat. While most of us are just sweating a little more than usual, our country’s agricultural community faces a depressing situation. The heat arrived with an extreme drought throughout much of the American South. […]

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