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Jackson Pollock

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Jackson Pollock, Naturally

Michelle Stein— As a New Yorker considering nature and the environment this month, I wanted to look beyond the enclaves of nature in New York City parks to the representations of nature—both realistic and abstract—found in the museums and galleries of New York.  For one perspective I turn to Evelyn Toynton’s Jackson Pollock, the newest […]

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A New History of Early Christianity

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Changing Christianity

Michelle Stein—   I am familiar with the conflicting images and identities of shifting or presumably unchanging institutions.  New York City may have been immortalized in the arts, and its landmarks might be recognized the world over, but underneath there is constant change.  Whether the shuttering of one shop and the opening of another or […]

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Notes from the Ground: Science, Soil, & Society in the American Countryside

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Studying The Ground, and Ourselves

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Michelle Stein—   Notes from the Ground: Science, Soil & Society in the American Countryside, by Benjamin R. Cohen is primarily the story of the merger of agriculture and science in early America, and all the attendant debates and developments in agricultural life. But in the spirit of the season of back to […]

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The American Department Store Transformed, 1920-1960

Notes From A Native New Yorker: Shrinking Displays of the Department Store

Michelle Stein— In The American Department Store Transformed, 1920-1960,  Richard Longstreth documents the development of the department store as it moves from “a great, all-inclusive emporium that helped define the character and the purpose of the city” to its transformation into shopping centers and malls.  Here in New York City, many department stores have remained […]

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The Neighborhoods of Queens

Notes From a Native New Yorker: The Global Queens

Although this month’s Global and International Studies theme suggests a look at places far afield from home, in the US, where people come every day in search of a new life, international studies can be found even in the interactions of neighbors or a walk through a town or city. Claudia Gryvatz Copquin’s The Neighborhoods of Queens is an in-depth look at Queens, covering every neighborhood throughout the borough.

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Notes from a Native New Yorker: Touring Kevin Roche’s Museum Attractions, and the Park Zoo

Michelle Stein Kevin Roche is an architect whose roots lay in mid-century modernism.  He was one of the primary architects at Eero Saarinen’s firm, and when Saarinen passed away in 1961, Kevin Roche and another Eero Saarinen and Associates partner John Dinkeloo founded KRJDA, where Roche has worked since. Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen‘s new study, Kevin Roche: […]

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Notes from a Native New Yorker: A Visit to the Jewish Museum

Michelle Stein From now until March 27, Harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss) takes the stage at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side with Houdini: Art and Magic.  The museum was crowded with visitors, much like Houdini’s performances. The exhibition looks both at Houdini and his craft, as well as at the art that […]

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Structure of Light

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Walking the City with Richard Kelly

Michelle Stein One of the great parts of life in New York City is walking past buildings that offer a timeline of architectural history.  Looking back to the more recent past, mid-century modernism took hold of New York City, leaving a strong mark on the city with both a new architectural style and a new […]

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Notes from a Native New Yorker: Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess”

Michelle Stein George Gershwin’s music is a near inimitable part of American culture.  Though he lived a short life, dying at the age of thirty-eight, the work he composed during his life offered a long-lasting heritage and contribution to American musicals and concert pieces. In 1935, Gershwin’s American folk opera Porgy and Bess opened on […]

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Notes from a Native New Yorker: For Those Who Mix Breakfast with History

Michelle Stein Whether eaten on the go, or leisurely enjoyed on a weekend morning, bagels are a vital part of most New Yorkers’ eating habits.  So, it only made logical sense to turn to Maria Balinska’s The Bagel for my next encounter with New York City in Yale Press’s books.  Of course, before sitting down […]

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