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Countering the Reformation in Color

Francesco Vanni: Art in Late Renaissance Siena is now on view at the Yale University Art Gallery and will run through January 5, 2014. The accompanying catalog was written by John Marciari and Suzanne Boorsch and copublished by the Yale University Art Gallery and Yale University Press. Q & A with John Marciari Although Francesco Vanni was among […]

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Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition

The Benefits of Charity

However we conceive its definition, the act of charity is alive and well in American culture. Last year alone, Americans donated an estimated $316.23 billion to charitable causes. While many disagree on the best way to give or the places one’s time and money should go, it is an ancient practice we have accepted and woven […]

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Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre (1572-84) by Francois Dubois

Protestantism in European History: The Huguenots

In Francois Dubois’ painting of the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572, we see one of the worst acts of violence in the French Wars of Religion. Catholics attack the Huguenots, French Calvinist Protestants, in a number of horrific ways, bludgeoning some to death and decapitating others. According to modern estimates, the number of people […]

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Gandhi: A Spiritual Biography

Spirituality Connects Gandhi’s Inner Life With His Outward Actions

“Thus a ruler can imprison a person’s body, but the spirit is incapable of being imprisoned. It was this spiritual leverage that Gandhi fastened on to, and we fasten on to in Gandhi. It was with this power that Gandhi faced the might of an empire.” There are hundreds of biographies and histories detailing the […]

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Calvinism Podcast

Discussing Calvinism: A History with D.G Hart

Calvinism: A History explores the social and political developments that enabled Calvinism to establish a global presence. Author D. G. Hart traces the political and religious circumstances that first created space for Reformed churches in Europe and later contributed to Calvinism’s expansion around the world. The book raises important questions about secularization, religious freedom, privatization […]

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Delving into The Zelmenyaners with Sasha Senderovich

The Zelmenayers is one of the great comic novels of the twentieth century, following a Soviet Jewish family through four generations as they deal with political change, new technologies, and the transformation of Jewish Life. Jewish scholar Sasha Senderovich, in a recent conversation with the Yiddish Book Center, explains, in depth, the cultural context of […]

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Francis of Assisi

Eminent Biography: André Vauchez on Francis of Assisi

Last month, as it became clear that Cardinal Bergoglio would likely be elected Pope, his friend Brazilian Cardinal Claudio hugged him and gave him a message. “He said don’t forget about the poor,” Pope Francis explained at a Vatican press conference. “And that’s how in my heart came the name Francis of Assisi.” Francis of […]

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Building a New Jerusalem: John Davenport, a Puritan in Three Worlds

Francis Bremer on John Davenport and Puritanism at the Founding of New Haven

Francis J. Bremer, author of the recently published biography, Building a New Jerusalem: John Davenport, a Puritan in Three Worlds, discusses the fervent Puritan world of religious politics that led to the founding of the New Haven Colony, as today we celebrate John Davenport’s 416th birthday, and the 375th anniversary of New Haven for the month […]

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Christian Beginnings

Christian Beginnings

How did the historical, concrete Jesus become known as the Christ, the Son of God? How did the idea of this man develop? Forty years after he first entered the “Jesus field,” lauded academic Geza Vermes gives a narrative of that expansion from the embodied Jesus to the belief in his divinity that founded a […]

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Jews and Words

Fania Oz-Salzberger Asks: How Can Books Keep Families and Generations Together?

Fania Oz-Salzberger— Jews and Words tells a story, and grinds a few axes, on two of our favourite perennial themes: How did the Jews remain Jews? and, How can books keep families and generations together? We offer our readers a hard yet playful look at our own Jewish identity, as a father and daughter, novelist and historian. We […]

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