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Placing the Placeless: A Conversation with Rodrigo Rey Rosa

This interview by Jeffrey Gray was originally published in vol. 4, no. 2 (2007) in A Contracorriente. Placing the Placeless: a Conversation with Rodrigo Rey Rosa1 Jeffrey Gray, Seton Hall University Rodrigo Rey Rosa was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in 1958.  As a young writer, he lived for several years in Tangier, where he became a friend […]

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Ghostwriting on Behalf of the ‘Greatest Victorian’s’ Ghost

The Memoirs of Walter Bagehot is an unusual inclusion in our September theme, “Memoir and Memory,” as the recorded memories, although told in the first person, were fabricated on behalf of Bagehot by historian Frank Prochaska. Walter Bagehot (1826-1877), called the “Greatest Victorian”, left no memoir of his life as a prominent Victorian lawyer, businessman, essayist and […]

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The Corpse Washer, A Story of Death and Life

Follow @WRLBooks Follow @SinanAntoon Sinan Antoon deftly tells of the gruesome conflicts and unfulfilled dreams of many Iraqis over the last few decades in his novel The Corpse Washer, which is now available to English readers for the first time. The story is told by narrator Jawad whose own personal experiences are shared by many […]

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The Girl With the Golden Parasol

The Girl with the Golden Parasol

The Girl with the Golden Parasol, written by Uday Prakash and translated from Hindi to English by Jason Grunebaum, tells the story of Rahul, a university student. Rahul has returned to university with the goal of obtaining a master’s degree in anthropology. After meeting and falling in love with fellow student Anjali, the girl with […]

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Delving into The Zelmenyaners with Sasha Senderovich

The Zelmenayers is one of the great comic novels of the twentieth century, following a Soviet Jewish family through four generations as they deal with political change, new technologies, and the transformation of Jewish Life. Jewish scholar Sasha Senderovich, in a recent conversation with the Yiddish Book Center, explains, in depth, the cultural context of […]

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Essays: A Fully Annotated Edition

Jeffrey S. Cramer Explores the Fascinating Life and Ideas of Thoreau

Jeffrey S. Cramer, award-winning editor of six previous volumes of works by Henry D. Thoreau, offers yet another insightful look into Thoreau’s life and writings in Essays: A Fully Annotated Edition. This rich volume chronologically traces Thoreau’s contributions to periodicals, newspapers, and compendiums as well as his lectures. It recreates for modern readers the experience […]

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How to Read Literature

How to Read Literature : Your Guide to Summer Reading

Attention students who have gotten their summer reading assignments and probably haven’t thought about cracking them open yet, read this first. In How to Read Literature, Terry Eagleton helps readers deepen their experience by asking seemingly obvious questions, and pointing out which questions we don’t ask of the books we read. Many readers are seduced […]

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La Vida Doble

An Interview with Author Arturo Fontaine by Translator Megan McDowell

We are pleased to release an exciting interview between Arturo Fontaine and Megan McDowell, author and translator respectively of La Vida Doble, which is now available to the English speaking world through Yale University Press’s Margellos World Republic of Letters series. In the interview, Fontaine and McDowell discuss what it means to be a Chilean […]

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Yale University Press June 13

June Theme: Summer Reading

We’re a little late getting started with sharing our Summer Reading  list with you—can you really blame us with the New England summer thus far?—but there’s still plenty of books for us to talk about this month! With updates to our Freshman Reading catalog, we’ll sponsor a Goodreads giveaway for Melissa Harris-Perry’s Sister Citizen, and […]

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Yale Book of Quotations App

Forget the Tie, Give Dad The Yale Book of Quotations App for Father’s Day

For history enthusiasts, film buffs, inspiration seekers, book lovers, the always inquisitive and more, The Yale Book of Quotations app is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. From Plato to Woody Allen, and George Washington to Coach Lombardi, The Yale Book of Quotations app is bursting with a quotation for every occasion. The app is […]

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