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On Friendship: A conversation with A.C. Grayling

Renowned philosopher and writer A.C. Grayling,  author of Friendship, has spent much time consider the connections formed between two people. Hear him speak about these bonds in this interview and video with Yale University Press, London! Yale University Press:  How important is friendship in the twenty-first century? A.C. Grayling:  Friendship has always been central to human […]

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Raising Henry Banner

A Conversation with Rachel Adams on Raising Henry and a Book Giveaway

Publishing this month, Rachel Adams‘s Raising Henry: A Memoir of Motherhood, Disability, and Discovery gives a deeply moving and honest account of welcoming a baby born with Down syndrome. Adams, a professor of English and American studies, is also director of the Future of Disability Studies Project at Columbia University. In the interview below, she reveals more of the […]

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Calvinism Podcast

Discussing Calvinism: A History with D.G Hart

Calvinism: A History explores the social and political developments that enabled Calvinism to establish a global presence. Author D. G. Hart traces the political and religious circumstances that first created space for Reformed churches in Europe and later contributed to Calvinism’s expansion around the world. The book raises important questions about secularization, religious freedom, privatization […]

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Mexico and American Modernism

Ellen Landau on Mexico and American Modernism

Follow @yaleARTbooks Follow @Caroline_Hayes_ Art historians are just beginning to uncover the influence of Mexico on American modernism. In looking beyond Europe’s effect on American modernism in the 20th century, Ellen G. Landau’s important new book, Mexico and American Modernism brings forth a piece of history long in shadow. She focuses on four crucial mid-century […]

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Delving into The Zelmenyaners with Sasha Senderovich

The Zelmenayers is one of the great comic novels of the twentieth century, following a Soviet Jewish family through four generations as they deal with political change, new technologies, and the transformation of Jewish Life. Jewish scholar Sasha Senderovich, in a recent conversation with the Yiddish Book Center, explains, in depth, the cultural context of […]

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New Light Shine

New Light Shine

When Shannon Murdoch, author of New Light Shine, was asked about memory in an interview for the Australian Stage, she responded: I think memory is a need, up there with food, shelter and love. It’s how we know who we are, how we choose our friends and enemies, how we interact with the world. But memory […]

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Ambition, A History

Questioning Ambition

Read William Casey King’s “Three Things All Ambitious People Should Know” on the Wall Street Journal‘s “Speakeasy” blog! In credo of “life, liberty, and the pursuit  of happiness,” there seems an implicit acknowledgement of ambition–should one’s desires take you so far. This picture in American life is particularly central to our own understanding of national […]

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The Ingenious Gentleman and Poet Federico Garcia Lorca Ascends to Hell

An Interview with Carlos Rojas and Edith Grossman on The Ingenious Gentleman and Poet Federico García Lorca Ascends to Hell 

Follow @WRLBooks Following last night’s book launch event at the Cervantes Institute, New York, the Margellos World Republic of Letters and Yale University Press are pleased to announce today’s publication in English of Carlos Rojas‘ novel, The Ingenious Gentleman and Poet Federico García Lorca Ascends to Hell, masterfully translated by Edith Grossman. Here we present a conversation […]

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Mutiny and Its Bounty

Mutiny and Its Bounty

Follow @ProfPJM The Ides of March commemorates one of history’s most famous mutinies: the murder of Julius Caesar at the Roman Senate in 44 B.C. Turning against established leadership is thoroughly covered in Mutiny and Its Bounty: Leadership Lessons from the Age of Discovery, in which authors Patrick J. Murphy and Ray W. Coye explore how great […]

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My Backyard Jungle

A Conversation with James Barilla on His Backyard Jungle

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Listen to James Barilla’s radio interview on WNPR’s Where We Live!  Ever consider getting a more exotic pet or plant than a dog or a rubber tree? James Barilla did. Author of My Backyard Jungle: The Adventures of an Urban Wildlife Lover Who Turned His Yard into Habitat and Learned to Live with It, […]

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