What I Don’t Know About Animals Quiz

Do you know anything about animals? Sure, you might know something about cats or dogs, but what about cows or insects? Test your knowledge about animals and animals science by taking our quiz from Jenny Diski‘s What I Didn’t Know About Animals and see how you stack up. Send us your responses by Friday, August 31 for your chance to win a copy of this wonderful book.

What I Didn’t Know About Animals

Fill in the Blank

  1. The autobiography of the chimp who stared in the Tarzan movies is called ____________.
  2. There are approximately how many species of mammals? __________
  3. ____________ was the scientist who created operant conditioning boxes to study the behavior of animals.
  4. __________ is the study of animal behavior.
  5. When a person believes that they are infested and insects are crawling in and on their skin they are suffering from what form of paranoia? ______

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